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Joaquin & Linette Torres wrote:
> Shifting gears a bit, I actually like the 'plainness' of the HGUC series.
> Again, being a fan of the original series, I like the fact that the models are
> apparently designed with little or no modifications of the original designs.
> Call it nostalgia, but that's the way it is.

Yeah I agree. Especially Guncannon, feels really down to earth kind of.

> Has anyone seen any info on the Gun Tank kit? It'd be nice if they gave that
> kit a removable Core Fighter

Hmm, for 800 Yens, I think not. Guntank takes a lot more plastic (and
flexible treads) than Guncannon, and Guncannon didn't get the Core
Fighter. Actually I think it's a good move to take out the CF. At 1/144
it's pretty hard (and expensive) to design in good waist flexibility and
make room for the CF. I have the MG and HG RX-78 and I hardly ever play
with the transformation (actually combination) with the CF.

> ...than one could model Ryu's death scene. That
> may be a bit morbid...oh well.

That's a GREAT idea! It's not morbid at all (lots of great classical
paintings depict legendary death scenes). It's such a momentous scene
I remember gripping my fists so hard, I left nail marks in my palms when
the episode was over.

You can still build that scene very cheaply. You use the HGUC Guntank
(don't know how the kit is designed at the waist, but it should be easy to
seperate the top and bottom parts), get the old 1/144 Core Booster/Core
Fighter kit (300 Yens) for the CF, the old 1/144 Megella Attack (400 Yens)
for the fighter (Magella-Dopp), use the FG Gundam (300 Yens, no polycaps,
but who needs polycaps for a diorama), and finally you need to scratch-
build a Gallop-extension-thingie out of a ball or something ($0.50? at

I've already reviewed the Megalla-Attack kit on my site (in short: love
it); I have the Core Booster kit but haven't built it yet. It looks
really good. The main reason is that it doesn't transform. With the old
1/100 Gundam kit, the HG, the MG, and the SD G-Armor, I've built every
plastic version of the CF, except PG. And I think the best one, by far,
is the non-transforming Core Booster/CF kit.

You know that's the beauty of the 1/144 scale, sure you can get details
galore at the 1/100 and 1/60 scales, but if you want to build any scene
with more than 2 elements, it's hard to assemble all the suits and stuffs
at the large scales.

I really think you should go for it. It will be a lot of work, but the
result would be amazing. Just imagining it in my head now... excuse me, I
feel a lump in my throat... :~(

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