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Wed, 15 Dec 1999 21:37:43 -0800 (PST)

--- Jorge Lee <> wrote:
> Here's a picture of the MS in Action Z'Gok :

> It sure looks like it has terrible poseability with
> only two set of claws to play with.

If you are comparing it w/ HGUC Zugock, then the MSiA
one is no match of course, because in HGUC, Zugock's
arms and legs armors were modified (e.g., a deep cut
behind the lower calf's armor) so that the finished
kit can 'bend' its knees and/or doing the classic
Kamen Rider pose with its arms. My MSiA Zugock can
actually bend its knee very much like the HGUC, but
the thigh's movement are hindered by the thick groin
so the thighs can only go 45 degree instead of 90
degrees. Other than that. the MSiA Zugock has a very
nice finishing reminescent of MSiA Gouf: good colors,
accurate panel lines. Plus Zugock's waist are fully
moveable to make up its lack of gadgets. Overall I am
quite satisfied.

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