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> I recently read through a chinese-translated manga called "Go! Go!
>Our Victory-G" by Tsukasa Kotobuki (Japanese Title: Ike! Ike! Bokura no V
>Gandamu!!). Some interesting things.

I've been trying to find the original Japanese edition of this for some
time now. It's a Dengeki Comics title from Mediaworks, ISBN4-07-301813-2.

> Also, I've heard mention of the immortal 4th Platoon -- what's the
>story behind this?

The 4th Platoon consisted of South Burning, Chap Adel, Alpha Bates &
Bernard Monsha, who were reunited in 0083 when Burning's three former
subordinates were pulled off leave and assigned to the Albion as
replacements for the pilots who were killed in the attack on the Torrington

According to the dialogue in Gundam 0083 #3: Albion Takes Off, Burning was
an O-2 (1st Lieutenant or Lieutenant Junior Grade) the last time the three
bad boys saw him. When they accost him in the medical tent, Burning
expresses surprise that they're still alive, to which Alpha replies, "Hey!
We're the Immortal 4th Platoon!" and Chap adds "We don't die that easily!"


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