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Well, personally, I've always liked the original designs from the original
series. However, I got into Gundam with the original series, so I'm a bit
biased. I will admit that the recent MG and PG redesigns make them look less
I like most of the designs from Zeta and some from ZZ; however, I've always
thought that the Gundam ZZ looked a bit...I don't know...silly. There just
seem to be a lot of parts slapped on, like a bad kit bash or something. The
Mk. II, Hyakushiki, and Zeta all look good, in my opinion...I just never liked
the ZZ.

Shifting gears a bit, I actually like the 'plainness' of the HGUC series.
Again, being a fan of the original series, I like the fact that the models are
apparently designed with little or no modifications of the original designs.
Call it nostalgia, but that's the way it is.

Has anyone seen any info on the Gun Tank kit? It'd be nice if they gave that
kit a removable Core Fighter...than one could model Ryu's death scene. That
may be a bit morbid...oh well.

My two yen,
Joaquin Torres

Peter Savin wrote:

> It seems to me that an MS like ZZ (or any more recent MS) requires less
> redesigning, because the design is better in the first place. Look at the
> original mecha designs for Gundam, they'd look rediculous next to ZZ, Zeta,
> etc.. Why fix what ain't broke?
> Peter Savin
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