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>I guess I'm referring more to the actual design of the MS, and not the model
>kit's themselves. I actually haven't built the MG Zeta, and I did build the
>'80's one (which wasn't TOO horrible). The original Gundam MS's were given
>a full makeover for the new kits, while a well designed MS didn't require as
>much re-designing to have a modern look. Speaking from the viewpoint of
>someone who doesn't have both kits to compare side by side, the Zeta is far
>more similar to the 80's kit than say the original Gelgoog is as compared to
>the MG Gelgoog (the original Gelgoog, now THERE'S a terrible kit!). Model
>kits aside, even line art from 20 years ago looks silly next to modern MS's.

You have a point there but the gelgoog wasn't That bad It was kinda good if
you ignored the gigantic hands. Same thing for the Z and ZZ, they were great
for thier time if you ignore the totally out of proportion hands, too small
for the Z and ZZ in my opinion. The Dom need only a 90's update it hardly
needed any adjustments to the MG stage and they still managed to make tiny
wrists... *sigh

- Roger

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