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Found this on RTG's Mekton bulletin board:

>Posted by Tsuneo Tateno on December 15, 1999 at 17:43:16:

>The release date of GUNDAM SENKI has been fixed to January 13th(the day >One
Year War ends), 2000AD. The book will be published in Japan and its >written
in Japanese, ofcourse. Then, why I posted this information here? Because I
>know you MZ fans will love it---the core rule of the game is Mekton Zeta!

>Gundam Senki is RPG of "the 1st" Gundam. Players become pilots of Zeon
>Dukedom or Earth Federation Force and fight battles on the One Year War. The
>book is written in Japanese, but its core rule is, you know, MEKTON ZETA.
The >rule is modified for Gundam world although you can play it with your
knowledge of >MZ rules. I will start website of Gundam Senki. Most articles
will be written in >Japanese, although I will have a English written page
that explain how to read MS >datas and the difference between original MZ
rule and Gundam Senki. I don't >know Mr.Pondsmith/RTG going to translate this
book(I know he REALLY want, >although). Please write him cheering messages on
RTG official BBS.

>Price is 4800yen(about $45 in current rate). I know it sounds pretty
expensive for >foreign people but its usual price here. Compronents are
B5(182x257mm) sized >336pages of book, full color double-sided hex map sheet
x4, colored fold-up
>MS/MA units, and multi-hex sized units of space ships. It has datas of over
100 >mecha. Also, it contains 26 adventure scenarioes that canbe played as a

>For your information who want to buy this book through foreign book store:

>Title: Gundam Senki: Ichinen Sensou Zen Sentou Kiroku

>ISBN Code: 4-7572-0658-5

>Publisher: ASCII

>Price: 4800yen


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