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>>It seems to me that an MS like ZZ (or any more recent MS) requires less
>>redesigning, because the design is better in the first place. Look at the
>>original mecha designs for Gundam, they'd look rediculous next to ZZ,
>>etc.. Why fix what ain't broke?
>Zeta? Don't take this the wrong way but may I suggest you buy a 1/100 80's
>of Zeta and you tell me if there is a redesign? The Zeta's transformation
>not an easy thing to make back then. IMO the Zeta was a total remake as

I guess I'm referring more to the actual design of the MS, and not the model
kit's themselves. I actually haven't built the MG Zeta, and I did build the
'80's one (which wasn't TOO horrible). The original Gundam MS's were given
a full makeover for the new kits, while a well designed MS didn't require as
much re-designing to have a modern look. Speaking from the viewpoint of
someone who doesn't have both kits to compare side by side, the Zeta is far
more similar to the 80's kit than say the original Gelgoog is as compared to
the MG Gelgoog (the original Gelgoog, now THERE'S a terrible kit!). Model
kits aside, even line art from 20 years ago looks silly next to modern MS's.

Peter Savin

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