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>>Is it me or is Hajime Katoke doing a more and more a Half Ass redesigning
>>Remember the Zaku II and RX-78? They were total remakes, and the Zaku came
>>so much different than the original. The Gelgoog, GP01 and GP02 came out
>>nice as well but This year it seems to be not as excessive as it was
>It seems to me that an MS like ZZ (or any more recent MS) requires less
>redesigning, because the design is better in the first place. Look at the
>original mecha designs for Gundam, they'd look rediculous next to ZZ, Zeta,
>etc.. Why fix what ain't broke?

Zeta? Don't take this the wrong way but may I suggest you buy a 1/100 80's kit
of Zeta and you tell me if there is a redesign? The Zeta's transformation was
not an easy thing to make back then. IMO the Zeta was a total remake as well.

- Roger

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