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> >that Frau Bow's name came from her. Frau from German for woman, I
>Except that her name is "Fra" -- from the title for an Italian monk or
>friar in the Roman Catholic Church. The original inspiration for this was
>Fra Mauro,

>"Frau" is a title, like Mistress (Mrs.) or Madame (Ma'am), for a married
>woman. It's the female equivalent of Herr. No one of German extraction
>would dream of using it as a personal name.

I know... but the name was invented by Japanese, remember?

  In any case,
>English-speaking fans were quick to Romanize her name as Frau because it
>sounded more like a real name -- or, at least, a familiar word -- but if
>you listen to the dialogue, it's clearly Fra Bow.

No, in Japanese, it sounds Fu-ra-u. There is a "u" at the end. You can hear
a diphthong at the end. Remember that there are no diphthongs in Japanese
so if it were Fra Bow, it would sound more like Flabow. The official
katakana spelling of her name is tE (for those of you who have Japanese
reading capabilities) and DOES have a E at the end.

I read in an interview about 20 yrs. back that the Frau was randomly taken
from German, and Bow from Clara Bow. It was either in Animage or Animec...

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