Wed, 15 Dec 1999 19:40:37 EST

> Maybe so but ZZ looks a lot like the original ZZ from the pics so far, I'm
> thinking that maybe ZZ hasn't as much reconfigurations as one might hope
> Is it me or is Hajime Katoke doing a more and more a Half Ass redesigning
> job?
> Remember the Zaku II and RX-78? They were total remakes, and the Zaku came
> out
> so much different than the original. The Gelgoog, GP01 and GP02 came out
> very
> nice as well but This year it seems to be not as excessive as it was

Umm.....Kunio Okawara did the MG RX-78 and MS-06s(and IMO the Zakus weren't
that good..)....Katoki did the PGs of RX-78 and MS-06, and he did do the MG
GP01 GP02 etc.

> One big disappointment for me was the Dom, It looked almost perfect since
> its
> my Favorite OYW MS but When I bought it one flaw made it kinda annoying,
> wrists were way to thin.
> Sure I like the 99-00 MG line very much as well but the designs are not
> excessive as katoke did in the beginning, I'm not saying its good or bad
> anything but it just seems like the MG line is just slowly becoming more
> retro instead of more modern. What does everyone think?

I don't think it's Katoki's fault, probably more like Bandai don't want him
to go too radical in fear of driving off older fan's with the $ the buy the

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