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Bandai has most likely created
>>new technique or something to help with this.

Maybe so but ZZ looks a lot like the original ZZ from the pics so far, I'm
thinking that maybe ZZ hasn't as much reconfigurations as one might hope for.

Is it me or is Hajime Katoke doing a more and more a Half Ass redesigning job?
Remember the Zaku II and RX-78? They were total remakes, and the Zaku came out
so much different than the original. The Gelgoog, GP01 and GP02 came out very
nice as well but This year it seems to be not as excessive as it was before.

One big disappointment for me was the Dom, It looked almost perfect since its
my Favorite OYW MS but When I bought it one flaw made it kinda annoying, the
wrists were way to thin.

Sure I like the 99-00 MG line very much as well but the designs are not as
excessive as katoke did in the beginning, I'm not saying its good or bad or
anything but it just seems like the MG line is just slowly becoming more retro
instead of more modern.

What does everyone think?

- Roger

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