Federico Makabenta (yenm@iconn.com.ph)
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I also don't think it was plated by Bandai. But it looks good - I've seen it
at Comic Alley Greenhills once (look for the center top display).

In any case, are you speculating demand or something? It IS a kit only
available here and in HK. I think it should be considered an "official"
product mainly because the distributors would lose their Bandai license to
distribute if they were unhappy about it (I think that this merchandising
license is too valuable to risk on a product as stupid as this).

Another indicator of Bandai's attitude towards the product is that some Jap
Bandai reps came over to inspect the wares in Toy Kingdom. On the shelves
then were several Limited Philippine Edition stuff - and the things were
still there the next week. I don't think they were miffed about it in any
way - so I guess they're at least indifferent about the entire matter...

Besides, I personally know about 3 out and out Duo Maxwell fans (all
girls)who are simply in love with their shiny plated version - I think this
was the intended audience anyway. :)


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> Jorge Lee wrote:
> > How much is it going for?
> >
> > Jorge
> Well here its Php 1999.75, bout 50 US, which is horribly overpriced in my
> opinion. I have a funny feeling this is a rip off of some sort. Wonder if
> licensed by Bandai...
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