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Is this an American or Japanese product? I must have it, where can one try
to order (Pre-order??) a copy? I have heard nothing about it. Will there be
>drool< miniatures for it??? Help!
Must have Gundam game.
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13th, 2000

>Ok, here's what I know, the guy who was
>working on this was supposed to have an
>office at Sunrise or Bandai, and was in
>the process of working on source material
>for a Gundam game based on Mekton Zeta.
>The actual Gundam RPGs that were released
>were dissappointing to fan wargamers, for
>various reasons. One none of the MS stats
>made any sense, like the Gundam having the
>second or third highest hit points in the
>game, it was harder to kill a Gundam even
>with a rookie pilot than to wipe out the
>white base. Only the Big Zam and another
>MA ranked higher, by a few points. Most
>wargamers had problems with the point sys
>instead of location based damage, but I'm
>sure that could be fixed. The stats given
>for each mobile suit didn't really have
>the accuracy even model builders were used
>Like any new book I'll take it with a grain
>of salt, but thought the GML might want to
>know its coming out.
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>>Subject: Re: [gundam] Fwd: [MZML] MZ: Gundam will be on sale in January
>>13th, 2000
>>Date: Wed, 15 Dec 1999 08:56:56 -0800
>> >> I just finished all works of "Mekton Zeta : Gundam Senki" today. It
>> >> will be released in next month, January 13th(the day One Year War
>> I hope that's not indicative of the sourcebook's accuracy. :-\
>>-- Mark
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