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        Hi. Finally figured out how to de-lurk.

        First, anyone done the MG Alex yet? Review, review! =)

        Main thing:

        I recently read through a chinese-translated manga called "Go! Go!
Our Victory-G" by Tsukasa Kotobuki (Japanese Title: Ike! Ike! Bokura no V
Gandamu!!). Some interesting things.

        The front half is a spoof of V-Gundam, with *very* buxom
charactors.. I shall not go into that -- not particularly interesting, at
least not to the ML.

        The second half has short stories of the OYW. 4 of them:

        1) Decision on the 31st of December
        2) Nightmare of Solomon
        3) Newtypes History
        4) --- damned if I know... Spoof.

        Story (1) is about a Private 2nd Class in Gato's (yes, you read
correctly) MS team, who died defending his supply ship against the Gundam.
The story is very good IMO, and even has the starting scenes of 0083 with
Delaz and Gato. Worth a read.

        Story (3) is a humourous look at the Newtype Babes of the UC. Very
fun read.. =)

        Story (2) is more interesting. It starts off with a MA-08 Byg-Zam
taking off from Solomon, and then cutting to the ruins of a MA-05 Bygro and
MS-09R Rick Dom (piloted by Gato -- hmm.) It states that Gato came from the
302nd Squadron.

        Upon Gato's return to his mothership, he was presented with a MS-14H
Gelgoog (which I know doesn't exist) with a prototype beam rifle (which is
taller than the Gelgoog -- couldn't fit inside the ship!) by Dozzel.

        The story then attributes Gato's reputation as the Nightmare of
Solomon to his attack on the 3rd Federation Fleet on 12 December 0079, with
6 Rick Doms in support. In passing, it introduces the Federation 13th
Squadron (the White Base) and South Burning as a member of the 4th MS
Platoon. Gato was credited with 3 battleship and 5 cruiser kills, letting
him jump two ranks up.

        What I'll like to know is... How possible is this? I know this is
probably a Fan-fic, but is it possible for Gato to have done this? Does the
time-line fits?

        Also, I've heard mention of the immortal 4th Platoon -- what's the
story behind this?

        TIA for any clarifications!

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