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>>>Just a very curious thing. I emailed Hiroyuki Tanoue at Hobbylink Japan
>>>inquiring as to whether i could order one of these DHCs from them, having
>>>seen it at a local toy store (namely Toy Kingdom, which is supplied by
>>>Smarty Toys Inc.) under the
>>>box label Deathscythe Hell Custom Limited Philippine Edition. I'm really
>>>confused now. HLJ's reply is below...
>>> Hiroyuki Tanoue wrote:
>>> Hello.
>>> At 9:13 AM +0800 12/15/99, hiei wrote:
>>> > I noted this kit, a metal plated Deathscythe Hell Custom 1/100
>>> Bandai do not make such kit. It might made (plated) at somewhere.
>>> So we can not get it.
>>> Thank you.
>>> Hiroyuki Tanoue
>>> <> (HobbyLink Japan)
>>> Any of the people living in Manila have any ideas?
>>It was a regional exclusive. From what I heard, it's identical to the
>>Hong Kong exclusive, except for the sticker that covers up HK and replaces
>>it with Philippine.
>Either which way, it's overstocked. the durn thing is all over the place.
>I found this sticker switch thingie very disturbing, mainly because it was so
>blatantly a marketing ploy.
>"Magic is the hand of faith..."
>Richard Ramos

After checking out the runners on this kit, my theory is that it's the
regular HG edition made by Bandai but plated by someone else. As it says
on the side of the box: "Manufactured by Bandai, Distributed by Daniel and
Co.". So, Daniel and whoever must've had the special coating done and
primarily it was meant to be seen only in Hong Kong. Curiously, it says
"Limited Hong Kong Edition (Not For Sale). Anybody know what that means?


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