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Peter Savin wrote:

> > My question is, How will the MG ZZ Gundam stay together? My GP-01 MG
> kit's
> >waist/chest area is very fragile. Won't the ZZ be even more fragile? I
> would
> >think the ZZ would be wobbly and fragile. Bandai has most likely created
> some
> >new technique or something to help with this.

I have never really had too much trouble with my GP-01. Now my Zeta on the
other hand likes to fall over and lose it's hands.

Any suggestions on how to keep that from happening? and on keeping the Super
gundam from falling backwards?


I kinda also wonder if they will have the parts to make it the Full armored
and the Enhanced ZZ Gundam. I think that it would be cool. I heard a rumor
that it would. also it would have the parts to make the FAZZ. Any truth to

> I didn't think the original 1/100 ZZ was too bad, so I'm not worried about
> this one.
> *wants one desperately*
> Peter Savin
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