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>Hobby Japan 2000 January Issue 1 (No. 367) Synopsis

>MG ZZ Gundam preview

>Nice box art, or is that the instruction manual cover? It says 'Master Grade
>Mobile Suit Gundam Special Edition - Bandai Presents Highly Detailed Model'
>and has a photo of the ZZ on it with a black background...very reminiscent
>of the old HG System Injection kit manuals.

It's a MG kit catalog like the ones that came with the first pressing kits
of the MG MS-14A Gelgoog (MG Zeon MS kits) and the MG GP-01Fb (MG Fed MS
kits). Check HLJ for the box art.

>MS-09R Rick Dom
>Added fuel tanks on the backpack and rear legs. Nice. This is what the MG
>kit should have been.

No kidding... Bandai's way too lazy when they did minimum retooling for the
MG RickDom.

>MS World (Return to the One Year War)
>YMS-09D Dom Tropical Test Type
>Another desert yellow Dom with a cloth-wrapped bazooka, 4 panzerfausts and
>lots more. Also featured are the other tropical versions like the Zaku
>Cannon and Desert Zaku II.

Hmm, I dunno what you meant by "another desert yellow Dom", but this design
has been around since the MSV days and is basically a derivative from the
Prototype Dom.

>HGUC Turn-X preview

HGUC Turn X? Where did you get that from?! It's a 600 yen kit due out this

>MG GM-Q and GM-N with nice figures of Nina and South Burning. They look more
>like Gundams than GMs now.

The Nina figure needs a lot of work, actually...

>MS in Action next release: Gog
>HGUC next release: Guntank
>Nothing too different from the old kit. In fact it looks exactly the same!

Hehehe, that seems to be the trend for new HGUC kits - just look at the
HUGH Zugock kit. Gosh, it looked no more detailed than the original 1/100

>Lineart for the upcoming HGUC Guntank. Maybe the tracks will be individual
>links if the art is anything to go by.
>Another Aggai! Why is there an Aggai featured in every issue????

Not very subtle hints to Bandai. "Dammit! You screwed over the Zugock by
making it a HGUC instead of MG kit, now GIVE US A MG AGGAI!"


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