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Hobby Japan 2000 January Issue 1 (No. 367) Synopsis

Max Watanabe Painting Guide
RX-78NT-1 Alex [Amuro Ray Use]
MS-09R-S Rick Dom [Char Aznabel Use]
Quebely [Ple and Ple Two Use]
MS-06 FG Zaku II [Char Use]

MG ZZ Gundam preview
Sure it's a marvel of plastic engineering, but it doesn't look very
different from the old kit, and the
beam sabers are still too large! Their diameter makes the hand look awkward
holding them. And they have some very obvious sink marks on them.

Nice box art, or is that the instruction manual cover? It says 'Master Grade
Mobile Suit Gundam Special Edition - Bandai Presents Highly Detailed Model'
and has a photo of the ZZ on it with a black background...very reminiscent
of the old HG System Injection kit manuals.

G-Fortress is improved from the previous kit as now it has landing gear and
looks more streamlined. The single Core fighter/block's doesn't look like it
can transform, but rather uses a parts switch. I could be wrong as the
photo's awfully small, but I don't see any seam lines on the core block
where it's supposed to split and become a thruster for the core fighter.

MS-09R Rick Dom
Added fuel tanks on the backpack and rear legs. Nice. This is what the MG
kit should have been.

MS World (Return to the One Year War)
YMS-09D Dom Tropical Test Type
Another desert yellow Dom with a cloth-wrapped bazooka, 4 panzerfausts and
lots more. Also featured are the other tropical versions like the Zaku
Cannon and Desert Zaku II.

MSN-00100 HyakuShiki
The kit's seam lines show around the feet halves and so this one has been
redone and the chrome stripped off to allow repainting.

New balljoint mechanisms for the arms, and the feet has a telescoping double
joint system to allow the feet to raise the height between them and the
lower legs. Hip joints are also unique as they can pivot out of the hip.
There's a vacuum formed clear monoeye shield as well.

Gundam Characters 3D Gallery
1/12 Char Aznabel by Chieri

1/220 B-Club MRX-010 PsycoGundam Mk II It transforms!

HGUC Turn-X preview
MG GM-Q and GM-N with nice figures of Nina and South Burning. They look more
like Gundams than GMs now.
MS in Action next release: Gog
HGUC next release: Guntank
Nothing too different from the old kit. In fact it looks exactly the same!
Gundam 0083 Stardust Memory DVD 1 released Jan 25

SD Gundam
RX-78-1 Prototype Gundam and mechanics bay
The new SD kit is based on the Perfect Grade Gundam as its head opens
along with the shoulder blocks and center torso.

Lineart for the upcoming HGUC Guntank. Maybe the tracks will be individual
links if the art is anything to go by.
Another Aggai! Why is there an Aggai featured in every issue????

Scratchbuilt 1/100 Dragonar-1
How do these guys sculpt angular mecha using plain sculpey? All my work with
sculpey looks rounder and organic and I have to sand it to get a straight
edge look.

Virtual On One-Man Rescue Intermission
Featuring covers of old Virtual-on CDs and posters
Wave 1/144 Temjin 10-80
Wave 1/144 Temjin Operation Moongate retool

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