hiei (acidedge@alloymail.com)
Wed, 15 Dec 1999 19:29:13 +0800

Just a very curious thing. I emailed Hiroyuki Tanoue at Hobbylink Japan inquiring
as to whether i could order one of these DHCs from them, having seen it at a
local toy store (namely Toy Kingdom, which is supplied by Smarty Toys Inc.) under
box label Deathscythe Hell Custom Limited Philippine Edition. I'm really confused
now. HLJ's reply is below...

> Hiroyuki Tanoue wrote:
> Hello.
> At 9:13 AM +0800 12/15/99, hiei wrote:
> > I noted this kit, a metal plated Deathscythe Hell Custom 1/100
> Bandai do not make such kit. It might made (plated) at somewhere.
> So we can not get it.
> Thank you.
> Hiroyuki Tanoue
> tanoue@hlj.com
> http://www.hlj.com (HobbyLink Japan)
Any of the people living in Manila have any ideas?

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