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> >>Clara Bow - 30's Hollywood actress I think...
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> >That's it! I specifically read in some anime magazine many, many years ago
> >that Frau Bow's name came from her. Frau from German for woman, I think...
> Except that her name is "Fra" -- from the title for an Italian monk or
> friar in the Roman Catholic Church. The original inspiration for this was
> Fra Mauro, the crater on the Moon that would've been the landing site for
> Apollo 13 had all gone as planned. The crater, in turn, was named for a
> Venetian monk and cartographer who produced a new map of the world in 1457
> for Prince Henry the Navigator of Portugal, based on information from
> voyages the prince had sponsored.
> "Frau" is a title, like Mistress (Mrs.) or Madame (Ma'am), for a married
> woman. It's the female equivalent of Herr. No one of German extraction
> would dream of using it as a personal name. On the other hand, no one of
> Italian extraction would dream of naming someone, especially a female,
> "Brother" (which is what "Fra" means literally). In any case,
> English-speaking fans were quick to Romanize her name as Frau because it
> sounded more like a real name -- or, at least, a familiar word -- but if
> you listen to the dialogue, it's clearly Fra Bow.
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I hate to disagree with you -Z- , and it really is bizarre and illogical but it
is definitely Fu-ra-u. I'm afraid it is just another part of the strange names
used in the UC Tomino series. I think it is best to accept the strange names as
they are and not to try to find a Western equivalent that makes any sense. I
honestly don't know what they were thinking when they came up with the character
names and also the confusing use of first names with official titles. : )


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