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Edward Ju wrote:

> While we are on the subject of Char...
> One of the 08th MS Team LDs reconciles the fact that his Zaku II was 3 times
> faster than a regular Zaku II with the current spec of a commander's Zaku II
> having 20% higher output than a regular Zaku II by claiming that, while
> executing his 5-ship attack run during the battle of Ruum, Char was able to
> gain additional thrust by kicking off against the downed ship as he fired his
> thrusters heading towards the next ship.
> It's funny how a series notorious for timeline violations is serving up a
> major rationalization that's been plaguing the specs of Char's MS-06S.
> Eddie

I think the original notion that Char's Zaku was three times faster than the
regular one is irrefutable as the speed measurement came directly from the White
Base operator's console.

Unless they are claiming that...(^ - ^)
(a) Oscar & Marker are incompetent/inexperienced/under pressure/etc Even though
they were part of the only few people on board who had official Federation
military training and were assigned to the White Base.
(b)The White Base instruments were still under testing and were not calibrated
correctly and could not even tell the relative speeds of approaching objects.
(c) The White Base instruments were supplied by the least expensive tender and
were not necessarilly of the highest quality.
(d) The other zaku pilot was inexperienced and was a little hesitant going into
battle for the first time.
(e)The other zaku pilot was combat stressed and was a little wary of charging
into battle at full speed.
(f)The other zaku was a very worn out unit in need of a complete overhaul and had
severely reduced performance.
(g)The other zaku pilot or his family had been wronged by
Char/Casval/Zeon/Sayla/Artesia and had vengence on his mind but could not find
the courage/skill to do so personally so decided to let the Federation take care
of Char.
(h)The other zaku pilot was an assasin working for Kishiria who suspected Char's
true identity all along and wanted him dead to be safe, but later when the
assasin failed and the news of the White MS spread she decided he was more useful
alive. The assasin was under orders to make the death look like an accident or
in battle. He was very wary of Char's skill and decided to let the Federation do
the dirty work.
(i) Anything else you can think of...

I wonder what is so wrong with his Zaku being three times faster? His Zaku isn't
obviously stock, and it's not unreasonable to get a threefold performance
increase over a mass production 'bread and butter' model.


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