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scorpio@best.com writes:

> As has been noted, the upcoming PlayStation version of Giren's Greed
> lets you build Matsunaga a custom Gelgoog to call his own. Like the Black
> Trinary, his what-if Gelgoog is an MS-14B production type - unlike the
> prototype YMS-14 used by test pilots Char, Gato, and (again in Giren's
> Greed) Ranba Ral.

Hmm.....another must get PS game...and I've yet to finish G-Generation
Zero.....So Matsunaga got a MS-14B......figures.....that's What Johnny Ridden
have too.

> For a peek at Matsunaga's color scheme, see the yet-to-be-published MS
> Classics version, at...
> <http://gundam.anime.net/images/msclassics/MS-14B.SM.GIF>
> Gelgoog buffs, note that this is an early draft and may be modified
> between now and the April publication date. My sneak preview team had
> very mixed reactions to my Gelgoog makeover. ;-)

Wow, Thanks for the info, I guess I can wait sometime to see that final
production pic. Well...I thought that Gelgoog Ver. Simmons has a rather long
neck. I'm tempted to do that "Anti Battleship Cannon" MS-14B Gelgoog
variation in HJ's MG Gelgoog special mook, Though I question the logic behind
that variation..I mean the isn't the beam rifle already powerful enough? I
think I will get the MG MS-14B next time I order from HLJ

> Of course, in the "real" Gundam chronology, Matsunaga never got a
> Gelgoog. He was recalled from Solomon shortly before the Federation
> attack, and the war ended a week later. A comic biography published in
> Hobby Japan's RPG Magazine Great suggested that Giren recalled many of
> Dozul's best pilots with the deliberate intention of weakening Solomon's
> defenses, so that he could justify using the Solar Ray...

Hey, that does make sense, though the White Wolf is most loyal to
Dozul...Shouldn't Giren lefted him to die with Dozul instead?

> >Or a Rick Dom maybe?
> It doesn't seem like any Zeon pilots used both the R type Zaku II and
> the Rick Dom, probably because the two mobile suits are pretty similar
> performance-wise - it simply wasn't worth upgrading. Most R type pilots
> simply hung on to their Zakus until the Gelgoog arrived.

Wow, I never realized that the R type Zakus are that close in power with the
Rick Dom....I do learn something new everyday :-)

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