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Flanker asks,

> Well, I just got a MG MA-14S Gelgoog and I want to do a custom color. So
>I'm wondering if there exist a possibility that the White Wolf of Solomon
>could have recieved a Gelgoog, or had one that was built for him but never
>given to him?

  As has been noted, the upcoming PlayStation version of Giren's Greed
lets you build Matsunaga a custom Gelgoog to call his own. Like the Black
Trinary, his what-if Gelgoog is an MS-14B production type - unlike the
prototype YMS-14 used by test pilots Char, Gato, and (again in Giren's
Greed) Ranba Ral.

  For a peek at Matsunaga's color scheme, see the yet-to-be-published MS
Classics version, at...


  Gelgoog buffs, note that this is an early draft and may be modified
between now and the April publication date. My sneak preview team had
very mixed reactions to my Gelgoog makeover. ;-)

  Of course, in the "real" Gundam chronology, Matsunaga never got a
Gelgoog. He was recalled from Solomon shortly before the Federation
attack, and the war ended a week later. A comic biography published in
Hobby Japan's RPG Magazine Great suggested that Giren recalled many of
Dozul's best pilots with the deliberate intention of weakening Solomon's
defenses, so that he could justify using the Solar Ray...

>Or a Rick Dom maybe?

  It doesn't seem like any Zeon pilots used both the R type Zaku II and
the Rick Dom, probably because the two mobile suits are pretty similar
performance-wise - it simply wasn't worth upgrading. Most R type pilots
simply hung on to their Zakus until the Gelgoog arrived.

-- Mark

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