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>Someone told me that Char Aznable is the japanese translitteration of
>Charles Aznavour, a famous French singer : do you know if really Mr. Tomino
>used this name to make an hommage to his favourite singer? And if it's true,
>did he name others characters using names of living persons?

Asked about this in an interview, Tomino says it was pure coincidence and
that, no, he did not have Charles Aznavour in mind when he made up the name.

People often see or read into thing something the author never
intended. Shortly after it came out, many people noted that the letters in
the name "HAL" could be shifted one step to the right to become "IBM" -- H
-> I, A -> B, L -> M -- but author Arthur C. Clarke has repeatedly said
that it came as a surprise to him.


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