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Mon, 06 Dec 1999 05:19:53 -0700

>>I used to spray-coat with primer, and
>> then with silver, and then apply the surface paint,
>First time I've ever heard of this technique. Is it to make stuff glossy?
>Where'd you hear about it?

For years I talked to anybody I could about modeling, and somebody
suggested using silver as an undercoat. Of course, they suggested using an
*airbrush* for the silver, but I would have to chose whether I wanted buy a
good airbrush or imported japanese models. Since I buy the models, I get
cans of testor's spray paint for the undercoats. After I while I decided
just using silver was enough. The results of painting flat enamel over
silver give a nice "semi-gloss", metallic impression to the paint job.

You'd be horrified if I told you what kind of brushes I use...

>>but as I got better at
>> painting two undercoats began to seem redundant (besides, the silver
>> *really* brings out flaws for me to work on).
>So does the Mr. Surfacer 1000 - 'cept this time, there's the advantage of it
>being able to hide flaws as well...

I just stick to Testor's. The results look fine to me, and I'm the only one
I'm trying to please. ^_^


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