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Oh that's it... :)

yup - Enamel doesn't go with lacquer.

Acrylic goes with lacquer as well... So you often have to use that for
handpainted jobs...

"Official" Gunge Sangyo colors are in enamel - so be careful...


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James L. Ravelo II wrote:
I recently bought a spray paint of Flat topcoat from Gunze to cover my
0080 Rick Dom II and EX-S Gundam and to my horror, it ate the paint or
made it look like it had fissures. Does that always happen if I'm
mixing different brands of paint, as I'm used to Tamiya? Now I have two
more things to do this holiday break...restore the EX-S and Rick Dom

It's to do with the type of paint not the brand. Certain types of paint are
incompatible with each other namely lacquer, acrylic and enamel. I forget
which combinations are particularly disastrous but in the worst case
scenario one paint will 'eat' the other.

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