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Clara Bow - 30's Hollywood actress I think...

I wonder about Bright Noah though...

I would PAY to see Char animated doing a karaoke rendition of "If we only
had Love" (forgot the original French title) or "Windmills of your mind" -
both originals by Charles Aznavour...

(hums) "Who knows what we'll find... In the windmills of your mind..."



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> >Someone told me that Char Aznable is the japanese translitteration of
> >Charles Aznavour, a famous French singer : do you know if really Mr.
> >used this name to make an hommage to his favourite singer? And if it's
> >true, did he name others characters using names of living persons?
> The names in First Gundam were taken from several different sources. You
> are correct that Char's name did come from Charles Aznavour. Other names
> used were Frau Bow, named after a Hollywood actress (whose name I can't
> remember at the moment) from the silent movie era. Kai Shiden from
> shidenkai, I believe it was the name of a Japanese airplane during WWII.
> Katsu and Retsu from katsuretsu (cutlet) as in pork cutlet.
> I've read about the origins of the names a long time ago, but that's about
> all I can remember...
> mirai
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