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hmn... i seem to have it backwards.
i get the gm custom being a mass-produced alex and not the quell as being
the prototype for the mk-ii.
but then, now that i think about it, since the quell is one of the first
ms's that the titans got, it would be safe to assume that what they got
from that would result in the mk-ii. seems weird... a gm being a prototype
for a gundam instead of the other way around...
as for the gm custom being a mass-produced alex, this could be very well
seen from the parts that the gm custom borrows from the alex. this is very
well seen in the mg kits where the gm custom seems to be a retooled mg
ah.. the fate of most gundams... to become a gm ^^;;;
besides, hlj did mention that there are no official references to this.
and these are my own speculations...

btw, i love the box arts for the zz and the gm custom ^o^

-Maoie Estrella

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>BTW, anyone noticed the write-ups for the Quell and Custom on HLJ?
>I get the Mk II bit for the Quell, but the Custom being a mass-produced
>of the NT-1?????
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