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Here is the quick summary

Gunze - there are 2 types of Color
    1) Lacquer Based (Mr. Color)
    2) Aqueus Based (Mr. Aqueus ...or whatever, I forgot the name) sometimes
it was called [Acrylic], and iirc, the color code starts with 'H' (H-1, H2,

Tamiya - there are 2 types too
    1) Enamel (similar to the small square [PACTRA] bottle) This also apply
to [Humbrol] small tin color
    2) Acrylic (the round shape bottle)

        L E A <- Top
E X O ~
A X ~ O

Here's how to read it
If you paint (L)acquer as the base floor, it's Ok to put (E)namel or
(A)crylic on top, or you can 'wipe' it off with washing technique by the
thinner solvent of its own kind.

But if you paint (A)crylic... you should NOT paint (L)acquer on top, because
the solvent will 'eat' the surface.

For (E) and (A) on top of each other, frankly speaking, I never try... but I
believe that it will 'eat' each other....but not so much, unless you love to
'rub' your brush on the Painting area.

Hope this will help,

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From: Tomonaga
It's to do with the type of paint not the brand. Certain types of paint are
incompatible with each other namely lacquer, acrylic and enamel. I forget
which combinations are particularly disastrous but in the worst case
scenario one paint will 'eat' the other.

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