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> It should be an option, I guess, but I prefer the messages to come in
> instantly
> since I'm sitting in front of a computer all day and I can read and maybe
> answer them as they show up.

  I see your point, but Digest from is a option on the MLs that allow it, not
the standrad. Other MLs allow you to subscribe to either a digest form or
like how this ML is now. Having a digest option for this ML would not affect
anyone that doesn't want it. No ne would have to resubscribe.

  The people that want how it is now, will still have this choice, they won't
even have to unsubscribe, then resubscribe. For people that want digest form,
they would only have to unsubscibe to the instant GML and subscribe to the
digest form GML. I like having the emails come in instantly too, but a digest
form would come in handy in someone goes on vacation and doesn't have email
access while they are gone or for busy people. Sometimes there's so many
emails from this ML, that I wish I could have it in a digest form.



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