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Mon, 13 Dec 1999 20:48:27 EST

>Someone told me that Char Aznable is the japanese translitteration of
>Charles Aznavour, a famous French singer : do you know if really Mr. Tomino
>used this name to make an hommage to his favourite singer? And if it's
>true, did he name others characters using names of living persons?

The names in First Gundam were taken from several different sources. You
are correct that Char's name did come from Charles Aznavour. Other names
used were Frau Bow, named after a Hollywood actress (whose name I can't
remember at the moment) from the silent movie era. Kai Shiden from
shidenkai, I believe it was the name of a Japanese airplane during WWII.
Katsu and Retsu from katsuretsu (cutlet) as in pork cutlet.

I've read about the origins of the names a long time ago, but that's about
all I can remember...


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