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I've experienced similar problems between Gunze and Tamiya. Other modelers
have had similar incompatibility problems as well.

I think the phrase "it ate the paint" sounds about right... :)

Anyway, you can avoid this problem by spraying the topcoat from a distance,
say around 35-40 cm. from the model. You may have done it up close.
Sometimes it still eats the paint though. Usuallly this is caused by paint
bubbling underneath caused by the use of a normal paint primer. The only
real solution is to paint it over again - but scrape it off if the bubbling
looks real bad.

The thing about Gunge Sangyo Topcoat is... You have to avoid the paint
bubbles underneath with your primer. I suggest you go with Mr. Surfacer
1,000 as a primer then the normal paint (even Tamiya). Surfacer has no
known incompatibilities whatsoever. Incredible product.

Did you mix Tamiya and Gunge Sangyo acrylic paint btw? As a rule, don't do
that. Each type has its own mix and usually only mixes with its own. In
Gunge's case don't mix their acqeuous series and their oil based stuff.
I've heard that Tamiya's XF series (Flat) and X series (Semi-Gloss) don't
mix well either - although I've never tried it myself (to blow a hundred

I've never tried Flat - I usually go Gloss (particularly since Decals
require glossy surfaces). If choosing between the two types of brands - I
recommend you go all Gunge - mainly because it leaves a much better finish.
But if you have the same difficulty as I do (mainly due to lack of available
Gunge stuff) - Tamiya's ok.

Tamiya does have some excellent (sometimes flat) spray lacquers that are
useful mainly because they offer a selection of military specific colors
right off the can that Gunge doesn't have.

Tamiya's white primer is good though. Though it is almost never available
(it usually gets hoarded by RC and mini racer folk)... Gunge's Surfacer is a
superior product too...

Hope this helps,


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> I recently bought a spray paint of Flat topcoat from Gunze to cover my
> 0080 Rick Dom II and EX-S Gundam and to my horror, it ate the paint or
> made it look like it had fissures. Does that always happen if I'm
> mixing different brands of paint, as I'm used to Tamiya? Now I have two
> more things to do this holiday break...restore the EX-S and Rick Dom
> II... :(
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