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>I presume that you didn't prime it. That's an advantage of priming - being
>able to see whether or not you did a good job on sanding - and you can still
>fix it afterwards without much damage to the finished model. Look at it from
>around half an arms length and judge whether or not it looks good from that
>distance even after you paint it. Sometimes it's not necessary to sand again
>as the flaw might be minute enough to not be noticed.

I'm using the silver *as* the primer. I used to spray-coat with primer, and
then with silver, and then apply the surface paint, but as I got better at
painting two undercoats began to seem redundant (besides, the silver
*really* brings out flaws for me to work on). Sanding down and repainting
the silver won't be any problem at all.

I've only recently returned to building after a few years of letting my
models languish on the shelves. I've only gotten into putty-sanding now
because the internet and the GML are the first places I've been able to
find reliable modelling tips (hobby stores in town ignore anyone not buying
RC Cars).


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