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>I'm planning to buy a MG Super Gundam after this Christmas season. Will
>building it be more difficult than a 1/48 model of a fighter plane like
>the F-14 Tomcat, or will it be as difficult as that?
        Well, I've never built a Tomcat, so I can't compare it to that.
However, I have practically no modelling skills at all, and I still
managed to knock together a couple of MG Gundams for fun. The results
are no where near even talented amateur status, but they look OK from a
distance. ^_^
        The main problems I encountered are the small legion of
similarly shaped little parts, some of which are quite incredibly
fiddly, and one could sell a lot of Gameboys if you bought a game based
on trying to guess which way up certain parts go (The GP-04b Gundam
Tetris?), and the fact that the instructions are in Japanese may cause a
bit of confusion, although the manuals are generally exceptionally well
illustrated, and its rarely difficult to work out what you're doing.
        You might want to try ordering a smaller, less detailed kit as
well, for practice, such as a High Grade kit (I can recommend the Gouf
Flight Type, which looks exceptionally mean even unpainted), or the
1/100 Nu-Gundam, which isn't a MG kit, but is very good and fairly easy
to assemble, and isn't far removed from MG class.
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