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Sand and sand again until you get the right flat surface - even after you
paint it. At worst - you may have to get your file set for a truly even
finish for uneven gaps...

I presume that you didn't prime it. That's an advantage of priming - being
able to see whether or not you did a good job on sanding - and you can still
fix it afterwards without much damage to the finished model. Look at it from
around half an arms length and judge whether or not it looks good from that
distance even after you paint it. Sometimes it's not necessary to sand again
as the flaw might be minute enough to not be noticed.

Paint over it once more. Simple as that. But it might not look as good as
when you fixed it with a prime color than with its finished color (I presume
the silver coating is the finished color). Put it down and consider it
finished, as further sanding and retouches may damage the overall look. Part
of modeling is to know when you've done your best in making it and to just
promise yourself that you'd do a better job next time around. :)

Side note: For a primer, I highly recommend Gunge Sangyo's Mr. Surfacer
1,000. It comes out initially Gray - but clings to much of the original
shape of the model (clinging to small details even...) and hides many
inconsistencies of sanding underneath its coat. It also leaves no air
bubbles between surface and paint - you know, those small unwanted globs of
undercoat that may ruin your final paint job.

Hope this helps...


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> I'm currently bulding the Gouf Custom & Bolt Gundam, these being the first
> two kits I've ever done any serious putty-sanding on. I've just done a
> spray coat of silver on the majority of the parts, and several major
> sanding surfaces show through, despite feeling smooth before painting. Any
> suggestions on how to deal with this?
> tby
> PS:On the Gouf Custom, I've discovered I can mount the gatling-shield sans
> three barrel gun by building a new handle for the shield (there's one
> included, but it's rigid and can't be held by the hand).
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