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>I'm currently bulding the Gouf Custom & Bolt Gundam, these being the first
>two kits I've ever done any serious putty-sanding on. I've just done a
>spray coat of silver on the majority of the parts, and several major
>sanding surfaces show through, despite feeling smooth before painting. Any
>suggestions on how to deal with this?
>PS:On the Gouf Custom, I've discovered I can mount the gatling-shield sans
>three barrel gun by building a new handle for the shield (there's one
>included, but it's rigid and can't be held by the hand).
after sanding with rigid sandpaper or a needle file I reccomend you sand it
with a 1600grit sandpaper or something really fine until it is prefectly
smooth... primer also helps. If it still shows a layer of flat paint usually
makes it not as noticable.

- Roger

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