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> > Well, I just got a MG MA-14S Gelgoog and I want to do a custom
color. So
> >I'm wondering if there exist a possibility that the White Wolf of Solomon
> >could have recieved a Gelgoog, or had one that was built for him but never
> >given to him? Or a Rick Dom maybe?

>If I recall correctly, Shin Matsunaga was part of the MS test pilot program
>that took most of the Zeon aces off the front lines. If so, he could've
>been a test pilot for the Gelgoog, which he'd likely have painted in his
>trademark colors.

I just checked the Gundam Project web site, which I should've done
first. Mark's got a mini-bio of Shin Matsunaga at:


Accordn to this, he piloted the MS-06C, F and R-1 Zaku II and achieved a
final rank of Captain (O-3).


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