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> Well, I just got a MG MA-14S Gelgoog and I want to do a custom color. So
>I'm wondering if there exist a possibility that the White Wolf of Solomon
>could have recieved a Gelgoog, or had one that was built for him but never
>given to him? Or a Rick Dom maybe?

Here's Shin Matsunaga's curriculum vitae, as presented by Mark Simmons in
his article on the Zeon aces:

Registration Number PM055767441S. Assigned to Space Attack Force.
Born in UC 0055, the oldest son of Side 3's Matsunaga family. He entered
the war as a private first class, piloting a stock MS-06C. When his
commanding officer was killed during the Ruum campaign, Matsunaga took
charge of his unit and was given a battlefield commission. For his
sterling track record - one Federation battleship and five cruisers
destroyed between the opening of the war and the end of the Ruum campaign
- he earned a promotion to lieutenant junior grade and an MS-06F, whose
head and shoulder armor he painted white.

Matsunaga's exploits soon caught the eye of Vice Admiral Dozul Zabi.
Dozul's knack for turning front-line "inspections" into excuses for
entering combat put him in need of a personal guard, and Matsunaga fit
the bill nicely. In accordance with regulations he was sent to officer
training school, and after graduation he became a full lieutenant and was
given one of the first MS-06R-1 High Mobility Zakus. Matsunaga painted
his mobile suit in white and grey, and it became synonomous with the
famous "White Wolf of Solomon".

Ironically, the White Wolf of Solomon didn't participate in the Battle of
Solomon. He survived this notorious bloodbath by virtue of having been
summoned home shortly before the Federal Forces' assault, though his Zaku
- left at the fortress - was lost. When word of Dozul Zabi's heroic death
reached Side 3, Matsunaga is reported to have cried like a baby."

If I recall correctly, Shin Matsunaga was part of the MS test pilot program
that took most of the Zeon aces off the front lines. If so, he could've
been a test pilot for the Gelgoog, which he'd likely have painted in his
trademark colors.


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