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>Hi guys, got a question here...
>Recently, my wife bought me an MG MS-06F/J Zaku II crystal version.
>However, under the MG logo on the front of the box, and in various other
>locations, it says "For Professional Use". Can anyone tell me why this
>is? Did my wife get me some special edition model or something?

The Crystal version kits were Bandai's way of recycling old MG kit molds
in order maximizing profit with minimal investment. They aren't special
edition kits like the "Special Coating" 20th Anniversary kits, which aren't
supposed to be reissued again. However, sales of Crystal MG kits have been
horrible and it might be a long wait before they get reissued again, because
of Bandai's standard practice of not reissuing a kit until enough orders have
piled up to warrant a production run.

>As far
>as I can tell, it's a normal crystal MG kit (which may or may not be
>true, as this is my first crystal MG kit). She bought it at a local
>comic shop and the guy said he had to get it to get some Pokemon order
>(yeech). He knows NOTHING of Gundam.

Another standard practice of Bandai that seems to have been adopted by
distributors as well. To be able to order hot products, you gotta buy an
assortment box which comes with a bunch of crap too... in fact, some
Crystal MG kits were bundled in assortment cases with new MG releases as

>Promo version? Limited edition version? Just some extraneous writing?
>If anyone knows, I'd appreciate it.
>Joaquin Torres

The kit was marked "For Professional Use" because, frankly, the kit doesn't
look all that good assembled out of the box. It really begs for customization
like the examples you see in the extra booklet you get with the kit, using
glow in the dark parts, internal mechanism and wires, etc. This is more of a
kit for creative people who can dream up weird stuff to put inside and make
the assembled kit look good. If you just put it together without adding
internal stuff, it looks extremely lame as most parts are see-thru and lack of
internal details would make it look toy-ish. That's probably why the kit had
"For Professional Use" slapped all over the box and documentation.


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