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To my knowledge, Matsunaga only piloted Zakus, most notably the MS-06-R1. If
memory serves, he was called back to Side 3 (why, I don't know...Mark?) before
the battle at Solomon. I don't think he ever went back into combat.
I think a Ric Dom in his color scheme would be pretty snazzy. A Gelgoog in
those colors would be kinda plain, but the Dom would be a pleasant change from
the ol' black and purple.

My two yen,

Joaquin Torres wrote:

> Well, I just got a MG MA-14S Gelgoog and I want to do a custom color. So
> I'm wondering if there exist a possibility that the White Wolf of Solomon
> could have recieved a Gelgoog, or had one that was built for him but never
> given to him? Or a Rick Dom maybe?
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