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Hiya. I'm a wee bit Filipino on my mother's side, but I live in the U.S.

I'm familiar with the general crystal MG's. However, this one distinctly says
'For Professional Use' on the box and in the documentation. Other than that,
it's a plain-vanilla crystal MG kit.

By the way, there is a seemingly additional instructional manual in the box
marked 'For Professional Use' as well, which has pictures and ideas on building
the crystal kit in different ways (like using glow-in-the-dark decals,
noncolored clear parts, hoses, internal detailing, etc.). Does this little
manual come with the regular crystal MG's?

Again, the owner of the comic store either had to order this MG to get a certain
Pokemon order or it came with a Pokemon order...not sure which.

Anyone else got any ideas?

Federico Makabenta wrote:

> Hi. Are you Filipinos living in the Philippines?
> If you are... which shop did you buy it from? I'm curious...
> The Crystal version is a limited release. As you've already built it - I'm
> pretty sure that it's a simple snap on version.
> For professional use - may mean that the kit requires an extra touch to make
> it look better. You see, serious modelers like myself and some other people
> on the Gundam Mailing List are people who like to sand, glue, putty and
> paint models to make it look even better - sort of like making model
> airplanes or tanks. Except that you have an option of either a) making the
> toy outright or b) fixing it further to make it look better. I do the
> latter.
> The crystal version is a tough model to fix up. You need to cut the tabs and
> sand them off well to look even better - a tough job in this case.
> Considering that the model is clear plastic - making it hard to hide
> mistakes in taking off the tabs and glueing it together. Many glues leave a
> stain behind clear plastic - and in this case you might have to use a
> different type of glue (elmer's is usually the preferred glue for clear
> plastic - but in this case it isn't) to hold it together.
> Hope that sheds light on the issue... :)
> Fed

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