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Paul Fields wrote:
> You can make a case for dumping if they sell their EXPORT
> price lower than their regular domestic price. IE The American
> distributor makes WAY too many copies so he can push some
> off in Japan and undercut their market.

I think that's exactly the case we are talking about. Hence the 6 months
delay for N American DVD release to prevent reverse import.

> This summer some Chinese companies did that with computer
> scanners, and killed some US scanner makers, they could sue
> them in a WTO dumping suit, except they went bankrupt and
> there is no one left to make the case.

Well Chinese and Taiwanese hardware companies have been killing US makers
for years now (when's the last time you get a monitor made in US or
Japan?). But I don't think that's dumping. Cuz they sell them at the same
or lower price in the local market than in export (e.g. Japanese camera
makers force Japanese consumers to subsidize the export to American /
European market, that's why we get a horde of Japanese tourists coming to
HK to buy Japanese goods).

> DVDs released here are only cheaper here because of basic
> economic factors, the size of our motion picture industry, and
> there is the closet fear that places like San Francisco could

IIRC I think dumping rules doesn't consider the "economic factors" you
cited. Anyway most of what I know are about Canadian steel vs. American
lumber, and Japanese cars, cameras and computer components.

Way OT again. ^_^;

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