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> Two, they realigned the microwave power transmitter of the
> Solar Power Array towards Kairas Giri and make everyone
> there sick to their stomach. Now on the microwave trick, it
> kind of surprised me that they didn't fried anyone in the
> process. Microwave power transmission is part of the
> specification from '70s speculation books such as Higher
> Frontier (basis for most of Gundam world building). The
> idea is to build very large solar power array and transmit
> the resulting electricity back to Earth in microwave to cut
> down on inherit power attenuation loss. As such, the
> microwave would have to be pretty powerful...

The "getting sick to their stomachs" is one of the first symptoms of
microwave exposure. Radiation exposure causes this effect in almost all cases
of exposure. Generally, this is followed by eye problems which develop as the
cornea is dried up from the radiation. A "sun burn" is next, followed by
blistering. If you survive this much exposure, you may still die from the
effect of your internal organs being cooked. This "cooked" effect is noticed
as muscles and skin darken and die slowly over a period of several weeks.
This is normally accompanied by internal organs spontaneously shutting down
as they begin to die.

The short term effect, as seen in Victory Gundam, are in fact real and
accurately portrayed.

>(This reminds me of the original intent of Radar. It was designed
> to fried the crew of enemy air craft, clearly inspired by Buck Roger
> death ray, but the signal just keep bouncing back from the test
> plane, to such extend that they realized the original intent
> won't work, but they have discover Radar effect none the less).

Actually, radar was inspired from Nicholi Tesla's infamous Death Ray, which
was stated to be able to kill the crew of aircraft and even cause aircraft to
bust into flames. Experiments to creat this effect after Tesla died lead to
the technology used in creating radar. Radar was in fact created as a
spotting and early warning device by the British, after reports of German
experimentation in microwave listening devices. Microwaves were seen as a
longer reaching replacement for the acoustical listening devices that the
British were using for early detection of German bombing runs and buz-bomb

The reason way radar failed to detect the approaching Japanese bombers at
Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, was do to the inexperience of the managers of the radar
installation (not the radar operators), and the fact that an air patrol of
allied bombers was expected at about that time. The Japanese were detected,
and reported, but the report was ignored due to misguided preconceptions of
those in the chain of command.

SJ - former Continuos Wave Radar Technician, now Ultra High Vacuum and
Sputtering System field engineer.

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