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> as an aside -- should i be taken in by protoculture
> addicts' often-glowing-and-never-scathing reviews?
> they gave a lot of thumbs up to a lot of dubbed gundam
> shows. i rarely see protoculture addicts criticizing
> anything anime. even when they do, they still manage
> to eke out 2 stars for the rating.

I noticed that too whenever I read them - I've only read about 12 or so
issues worth of that mag. But I never trust reviews anyway unless it's been
universally acknowledged as a great anime (0079 Gundam or Evangelion).
Another indicator IMO is if Animerica makes it a cover story for their mag.
That's a must see anime for me - and I usually pick up the anime featured on
the cover - I know I'll be in for a treat if I see that.

Overall, I've never been satisfied with reviewers and reviews of anime. I
really feel the experience of watching anime in general is a "you must see
this" word of mouth thing. Trusting friends opinions and stuff...

> > In short, don't depend on any translation, however
> > faithful, conveying the
> > full and true story. That's why we pester our
> > bilingual members to explain
> > so much, so often -- the Truth may be Out There, but
> > you have to go
> > searching for it. It will not come to you on its
> > own.

Not quite. Many of us aren't Japanese. So why should we absorb stuff in
purely Japanese terms and ideas?

 It's true that a translation will have to take into consideration one's own
culture - so it'll never be truly "faithful". Translations are interesting
for me. They test a "language" to present new ideas and help channel
understanding between cultures.

I never bothered learning Japanese myself. But I pick up ideas from it quite
a bit. There are words in Jap which have no equivalent in English like
"Shibumi" or "Wabi" which come off more like German philosophical concepts.

Part of that search is through translation or finding a way to present
something to your own people that they haven't seen. That's where part of
the truth lies. I know this is a bit deep for Gundam :)

- but my point is to not discount translations as always being untrue or
unfaithful to an original. In some cases it is, but the Wrath of Fandom will
rain upon it anyway - so we're pretty much protected in that department. I
like dubs - particularly the English dubs of Ranma and Ruroni Kenshin - in
some cases they make the humor more accessible (i.e. Nabiki's sharp wit in
English) for most of us. It's not the true total package - but it presents
it in a more accessible way for us to enjoy.

In one case here in the Philippines, I enjoyed watching Lupin III more in
our native Tagalog than the original Japanese (sub) - mainly because the
reinterpretation of the humor for both Filipino and present day sentiment
were superb. I think Lupin would have died right there if they stuck to the
"original" ideas and concepts of the series.

The case Z was describing for me personally should be isolated to bad
dubbing and/or bad subbing. It occurs from both official and unofficial
sources. You'll know when it's a bad dub or sub through other people who do
know what the story is all about - that's why we have this ML... :) To rant
and rave at how people should be treating our beloved Gundam.


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