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Fed asks,

>Does the Zaku II there (Dombarnon) have a different paint scheme from the
>original? (can't find pics of it...)

  Not really. But Gaban's Zaku, which resembles a Zaku I, is in a weird
brown and white color scheme.

>What did Syd Mead exactly contribute to the designs of the series? He
>designed Turn A but did he design the rest like the Kapool, Flat or Sumo?

  Mead designed the Turn A, WaDom, Flat, Sumo, Rib, and Turn X.

  Kunio Okawara did the Waddo, Eagel, and Gozzo.

  The Kapool is from Gundam ZZ, and was designed by Yutaka Izubuchi.

  Other designers seem to be responsible for the Cannon Irfute, Borjarnon
(Zaku II), Mutto (Bound Doc), and Mahiro.

  Speaking of the Turn X, the Japanese mags are _still_ teasing us about
the details of the this mystery mobile suit (i.e. whether or not it even
has a cockpit). Even the December Comic BomBom is still playing coy,
revealing only that the device on its right arm generates a "shining
finger" like that of the Shining Gundam. But at least I found out what
the Zakkutraeger is...

Dafydd writes,

>Over the course of two millennia, the Kapool shrank 2.5 meters and doubled
>its generator output.

  Actually, the ZZ-era Kapool had the same output - it has two 1840 kW

-- Mark

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