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Curry asks,

>Why is the mention of Fan-subs so hush hush on this list? I mean let's
face it
>that's the way that some of us got into Gundam in the first place!

  Some, but not all - actually, some of the real old-timers got into
Gundam before there _were_ such things as fan-subs (which have only
really been around for ten years or so).

>So what's the major malfunction here?

  In short, using this list to traffick in illicit goods would put
mysterious list owner David Van Cleef in a legally unpleasant position.

  Not to bore everyone with a digression on international copyright law,
but it's simply illegal to redistribute someone else's copyrighted work,
whether it's been licensed to your corner of the world or not. (In fact,
a Japanese rights-holder could make the argument that pervasive
fansubbing of their as-yet-unsigned titles diminishes the value of the

  Fortunately for fansubbers, so far the industry seems to be willing to
overlook their activities as long as they keep a low profile. Turning
public mailing lists into worldwide piracy bazaars is not the best way to
accomplish this. :-)

-- Mark

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