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Alex asks,

> I am knew to this list but not to Gundam! (well atleast all the
>Gundam available in the US). I was just wondering why is
> not putting out all the Gundams and future Gundam
>titles on DVD? I mean this is ridiculous. Anime deserves to be on DVD
>in general.

  Bandai Entertainment execs have previously said that there'll be at
least a six-month time lag between Japanese and US DVD releases. The
reasoning is that if the US versions came out earlier, the Japanese
audience would be likely to import these instead of paying higher prices
for a monolingual domestic version - the so-called "parallel import"
problem. (So it seems that all the country-coding hassle that DVD
producers inflict on us is for naught.)

  Since Gundam is starting to come out on DVD in Japan, it should be
possible for Bandai Entertainment to ship US versions as early as next
summer (which, I should add, is not a guarantee that they _will_). The
first DVD volume of Turn A was released in November, Gundam 0080 this
month, and the first half of 0083 in January....

-- Mark

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