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Neil Baumgardner asks,

>What exactly was the rationale for the Federation doing a derivative of the
>Zaku anyway?

  <shrug> The foolhardy assumption that Zeon technology was naturally
superior? A jobs program for former Zeon engineers? Who knows. Since the
Federation was already producing the Galbaldy Beta, a superior Zeon
model, there's no reason to go back and resurrect the Zaku design that
Zeon's own wartime engineers had already given up on. I think we have to
write this one off as dramatic license.

>And the Nemo?

  This is probably pretty new when it appears about ten episodes into the
series. Before the AEUG hijacked all those ships, they had no way to
transport bulk quantities of mass-produced mobile suits anyway.

Jim asks,

>I know this is a big ask for my first post, but which Z Gundam era MS were
>built with Movable Frames?

  The Gundam Mark II was definitely the first - every other mobile suit
in use at the start of the series, i.e. the GM II, Galbaldy Beta, Hizack,
and Rick Dias, uses older construction methods. The Type 100 was
Anaheim's first stab at the movable frame concept, based on little more
than hearsay about the Titans' efforts. The Z Gundam is the first Anaheim
mobile suit that benefits from analyzing the Mark II's design.

  Even after the start of the series, many mobile suits we see are
probably pre-movable frame designs. It's seldom stated explicitly, but it
seems safe to say that the Nemo and Marasai, which are just variants of
older mobile suits, lack movable frames. I've also heard this claimed for
the Asshimar and Gaza C, which are crude and early transforming designs.
The Messala, scratch built by Scirocco while in transit from Jupiter,
probably doesn't have a movable frame; the Qubeley, which was apparently
under construction for years, probably doesn't either.

Eddie writes,

>Sounds fine and dandy until the PG Zaku II kit pulled the rug under the

  The MG and PG designs are kinda annoying because, in the interest of
providing cool innards for the models, they ignore the supposed
differences in the construction of the mobile suits. Thus, the inner leg
structures of the MG Alex, GP01, and Mark II are nearly identical, as are
the inner mechanisms of the PG Gundam and PG Zaku. (They even replaced
the gear-like "field motors" of the PG Gundam with crude hydraulics,
which admittedly make for a more entertaining toy.)

-- Mark

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