Edward Ju (gundam@loop.com)
Sat, 11 Dec 1999 13:43:57 -0800

>Well, I can come up with a copy of Japanese windows, so that's no biggie (I
>wonder if it would run on NT?). Next question, does the software actually
>contain a modeler, or just models to play with?

It's uses a licensed engine of Shade (a Japanese 3D rendering software) and
basically comes with a collection of locked 3D models you can play with but
not modify (I am sure there are ways to get around it, but the 3D model files
are locked to prevent every average Joe from screwing around with them).

>Does it contain component
>pieces with which one could 'kitbash' suits, or just complete suits?

Complete suits. Although each component is individually marked and named
in the 3D model file, it doesn't seem to allow you to copy and paste to
create your own mobile suit. Again, this shouldn't be a big problem if you
are a hacker worth your salt.

>about the texture maps, are they seperate/replaceable/customizable files in
>some reasonable format (.tif, .jpg, bmp, etc..)?

You can apply different textures on the surface, but I don't remember what
formats were supported (haven't played with it for a while, as the
Evangelion versions of 3D modeler software was much improved and a lot more
fun to play with)

>Do the suits have
>kinematics set up (non 3d geek translation: are they articulated)?

Yes... but it is not flawless by any means, sometimes the joints aren't
constructed intuitively or logically, and what looked nice as rendered
actually would look weird or ridiculous when you just look at the wireframe


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