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>ok, i have the subtitled versions (and man, how my
>eyes hurt reading subtitles!) of the trilogy. were
>they an accurate translation? what's the consensus on
>the dubbed trilogy?

The subtitled version is accurate -- and official -- enough to serve as a
basic text. It'll be interesting to see how they reconcile it with the
upcoming TV series full release, though.

The dubbed version makes me fear for the integrity of Gundam Wing and any
other Gundam destined for Cartoon Network distribution. "Phasers"? Oy!

>as an aside -- should i be taken in by protoculture
>addicts' often-glowing-and-never-scathing reviews?
>they gave a lot of thumbs up to a lot of dubbed gundam
>shows. i rarely see protoculture addicts criticizing
>anything anime. even when they do, they still manage
>to eke out 2 stars for the rating.

First, check to see who's actually doing the reviewing. When I scan
through the reviews in Animerica, I always look for the ones by Mark
Simmons and Julie Davis -- names I know and trust. For names that I don't
know, I look up other reviews that they've done of shows that I know and
see how well they agree with my own opinion. If it's a good match, both
pro and con, then I give them more credence and accept what they have to
say at face value.

In a way, it's like movie reviews. Siskel and Ebert never steered me wrong
and often turned me on to things I might otherwise have missed. Medved, on
the other hand, was a total waste. Ditto Rex Reed. Or music reviews. The
people at Rolling Stone are more interested in impressing the reader with
their inside track or musical knowledge than in giving the reader an honest
critique, so I don't even bother reading them.

>*hangs head in shame*
>i'm chinese (as can be told from my email handle -- no
>funny comments please -- and last name), but i am
>almost illiterate in writing and reading chinese (as
>are many of my generation of expatriates). i only
>speak it. english is so much easier to learn (i can
>feel my ancestors turning in their graves) and is
>widely spoken, so why hasn't ban dai been kicking out
>gundams in english? :(

My Japanese isn't nearly as good as I'd wish -- I "decode" more than
translate and often get it wrong. It doesn't help that I have poor
eyesight and thus have a great deal of difficult with fine-print kanji.

That being said, there's an interesting benefit to learning to read -- or
even to decode -- kanji: the same characters mean the same things in both
Japanese and Chinese, so you learn to read two different languages at the
same time!

Of course, you may never learn how to SPEAK either one....


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